War Effect - the series of immersive experiences
First day

An IE about how people in Ukraine find a way to survive and resist this unexpected and unequal war for 600 days when everyone predicted only 3

First Day is a single-user, interactive, immersive project that places users directly in the immediate wartime situation, allowing them to experience firsthand the impacts of terror and disorientation as the war erupted. But not only. It challenges users to learn how to control themselves and make split-second decisions that can help save lives. Users relive how people quickly learned to survive, resist and build resilience in an unjust attack.
First Day is a journey where community, help, and empathy are primary elements to breathe and survive. Our immersive and interactive experience seeks to help others navigate crises by showing how choosing to transform inwardly from victim to helper can empower resistance and life.
First Day is intended as a prologue to subsequent virtual war stories as a testament to the power of the human spirit.


What is it like to leave your peaceful life and get into a whirlwind of sad events?

Get into your own world of sad thoughts to get out of it changed!
You will discover the stories of people whose lives were destroyed forever because of the russian military terroristic invasion to Ukraine on February 24, 2022.
500 kg air bombs were dropped on buildings in the center of Kyiv.

What hardships did they endure? What choice did they make and what did it lead to?

We aim to provide an opportunity to visit our war to as many people as possible in the world, to look at its reality and consequences, thanks to modern VR experience technology.

The VR experience is more impactful than just watching a video. Because what is seen is not reviewed, but is experienced by a person in a helmet from the middle of the event. Therefore, involvement in important social issues is much more effective. This technology is used all over the world to realize the effect of presence, because in recent years it has become as close to reality as possible.

The visit by European leaders and their personal experience in Buch, Irpen, and Borodyanka left an incredible impression on them and gave them an understanding of the realities of war, the suffering of the civilian population, and the common human values for which we are fighting, and as a conclusion, the need for urgent support for Ukraine. Now the war in Ukraine seems distant to the world community, and they are gradually losing interest.

The VR experience will allow you to visit these places virtually with the full effect of presence, and feel the consequences of the war in the destroyed cities of Ukraine, communicating with people in the city of war crimes committed by the russian army against Ukrainian civilians.

We have to counter the propaganda and let the world know what we are fighting against, what we feel, in order to find even more support.

This war needs a digital memorialization to convey the terrible experience of the past to the modern society around the world in order to prevent its repetition.

The VR experience "The Borodyanka VR: Unreal Reality" will be used at international meetings in support of Ukraine, presented at interactive exhibitions and at VR film festivals.

Presentation at Venice Biennale 2023
Support from Biennale Cinema College
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