First Day 2.0
The concept for a new "art version". Most difference:
Narration Voiceover, the player jumps between points, mentions light rays, visuals, SMS, break the glass, etc
First Day is a single-user, interactive, immersive project that places users directly in the immediate wartime situation, allowing them to experience firsthand the impacts of terror and disorientation as the war erupted. But not only. It challenges users to learn how to control themselves and make decisions that can help save lives. Users relive how people learned to survive, resist and build resilience in an unjust attack.
First Day is a journey where community, help, and empathy are primary elements to breathe and survive. Our immersive and interactive experience seeks to help others navigate crises by showing how choosing to transform inwardly from victim to helper can empower resistance and life.
First Day is intended as a prologue to subsequent virtual war stories as a testament to the power of the human spirit.

The immersive experience is developed by "points" (locations) where the user hears a voice that drives the plot and can have interactivity and time to explore. The point has a limited plane of movement, near about 2 by 2 meters. That is, the user can move on location, or not.
The plot is linear and moves from location to location - point to point
No portals/jumps, no run. Lokomotion are super slowly, player mostly like standing on locations and have 1m of possible moving on each side
Interactive elements, active elements or people that will interact is pointed by the light.

It will cut other elements of location and help to focus.

Light rays will look a little bit like modern theater and help to organize the mise en scene
It will not be just light up, the scene will changes and after that light rays will naturally change too

Now we have the Voiceover that runs the player through the plot. It mostly comments on every scene, sometimes it helps to do the act.
It tells what it feels and thinks in every moment of the story
> SMS's

Now we have an SMS on every scene. Only one SMS on a scene, and the phone at that moment is stuck to the hand, sometimes you need to tap to the phone to write the answer. At that moment Voiceover comments the SMS.

On SMS we have the outer story, you will see how other people react to the war aggression and how to start to help each other.
There is a 2 chats. With Mom and friends
> Visuals
We have sketch stylization with white lines on the edges of models, like white chalk on a blackboard, the texture of lines like chalk or pencil drawings. Half-transparent models with white lines, the scene looks like an art installation in a dark room.
Light mentions the elements and space, some walls are transparent and you go into the scene through the wall.

The screens on gadgets shine like in normal life, not BW, maybe a little color correction. It helps to mention the real-life usual elements.

Now all visual style are more black and white, with high contrast on high tones (lines, light sources, etc).
Not at all, maybe we have a color correction as a dark blue color overlay or dark brown like the dark sepia (super not much, gentle)

When the player goes to the Badtrip scene and outside the flat, the world changes to more realistic. The colors go more real, there are brings some warm colors.
Also, models became more real and the white lines went far.
> BREAK THE GLASS (cracks)
I have an idea to improve the changes inside the character by trying to make a wall against the real world, a wall by the glass.
In the beginning, it is half transparent lake warm glass. At the next locations, this glass starts to have cracks.
It manifests itself on the walls of a flat, on the ground at the Badtrip scene.
Sometimes you see part of a scene through the huge transparent glass cracks.

At the time of experience, we hear the sound of knocking on a glass, maybe on a glass bin.
In the beginning, next time in the moments of stress, the player does not understand what it is.
Also, we hear a few times a glass break sound far away, in a supermarket,in flat, etc.
VodVoiceover says that wants to not think about that and asks to cover the TV. You have a small part of a glass in your hand, you place it in front of the TV and it expands over the part of a flat.

In the end, in the second scene of Badtrip the Voiceover says to you to break the glass wall.
After the glass wall you have a real world.

          The experience starts at abstract black room. You see the door and need to open it and came inside. you hear the footsteps and the sound of vibration by ringing the phone. When you goes to the door the sound increase. It is like after the door there is something.
          (* the image of a door is not well :)
          You go through the door to the next location, door dissolves after you. You are in the next abstract room. The vertical light lines mark the space, maybe walls, it will be the silhouette of a flat for the next scene.

          There is a voiceover that says that you remember the first SMS that came that day.

          There is a light dot in the center of the front view, it becomes wider to the horizontal white line, and it stays bigger in also adding the light rays.

          This line starts to rotate in 2 dimensions on the became of the big mobile phone, it stops rotating in front of the eyes of you
          and you need to grab it by hand.
          The phone will locked to your left hand. You see how the first SMS starts to type. The space around the phone lights a little bit more.
          This SMS is from the Mother. You need to touch the phone to start answering.

          Voice-over says that now looking back in time he/she knows that after this SMS he/she started to scared in the deep of the soul.
          The screen is not black and white it is like a normal phone, maybe not super glow and super vibrant colors.
          * example of sms
          How are you? I am scare about news
          It cant be because cant be
          But are you prepare?
          No and you also not need to do it
          The phone disolves and after the lines is starts to became the flat. Flat look like not usual realistic flat. it mostly a sketch of a flat with a lines against walls and elements, not all, 50/50. It looks like a modern theater decoration o installation. All location looks mostly in this style. Only in the second part it starts to looks more netural.
              Next location, you are near the shelves in a market, have the new sms from friends, and the needed products are light up. You hear the voices of people, rumors, etc. You need to pack the basket.
              After this, you are directly on a selfcash desk. You start to hear the voice from the news, and you pick the food, but after this, it dissolves,
              The overvoice says that honestly, I did not remember what I was buying that time, I was trying to buy something to feel safe, not for food.
              For a payment use the phone. After the payment location dissolves, only light stays in the center. You settle on the next location and see the TV, and this light dissolves and new element (TV) start to have a light.

              After TV you have a new SMS from friends

              You see the TV with the news, new SMS, etc

              Voice says:
              I was just want to forget about that, It is too nervous to hear it everyday.
              I want to close my eyes

              Dark fade in like you are realy close the eyes. You hear the breath, breath stay calm
              You go to the window, there is a calm streets outa the window

              Voice says:
              There is a normal life on the streets, someone goes to work, kids are on a playground, and cars run the roads.

                  You stay near the broken window. Wals shakind and brake ups.

                  Voice says:
                  close your eyes, It cant be real.

                  Dark fade in like you are realy close the eyes.
                  You open your eyes in a in surreal world, debris on a floor, it is a flat, but after wall there is empty space. You hear destortion reverbed phone ring

                  You are looking at down and see the surreal ruined city, buildings are tall, no people, big burned wood planks as design element
                  The ruined elemets start to fly up and combine to a walls and floor from ruined elements like concreet plate parts, aluminium construct things etc. You see the next location. You need to go by locomotion, slowly to front. When you goes to this "bridge" voiceover tell yo about the inner feeling.

                  Voice says:
                  It can't happen, there is no sense, but it starts...
                  I see the apocalypse of the world by my own eyes, everything ruined

                      You are in a flat looking to a TV. sound came back.
                      Collect the items

                      Go outside
                      Find the dog
                          Help the dog

                              Can you help me?

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